English is considered as the most widely spoken language anywhere across the globe. A person who knows how to speak in English are able to communicate with other people even in non English speaking areas. However, it is more advantageous if someone is capable to communicate in other languages aside from English since every existing ethnic group has already been scattered anywhere in the world and you may bumped into them from time to time.

It would be more convenient if you can talk to people at their own language, in that case you will be able to get precise information that you badly need especially if you travel a lot. For most of us, United States is one of the places we dreamed of going before our life ends. Although it is an English speaking country, the U.S. is now a place of mixed ethnicity. Surprisingly, the Philippines’ national language also known as Filipino is the fifth most widely spoken language in the Northern part of America, according to the year 2000 U.S. Census. Of course the first would be English, then Spanish followed by French, German and then Filipino accordingly with over 1.2 million speakers.


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The core concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming is to create models of success. NLP is a budding branch of learning with new ideas being added day after day. It has achieved a tremendous amount of success in various endeavors, because fresh ideas, model and concepts has opened several new windows of opportunities. NLP Practitioner teaches you to develop a positive attitude. They delve into and record the graph of our minds. Their very first attempt is to understand the functioning of various levels of consciences, line of intelligence, character of motivation and perception, state of being and how all these are assembled together. It is often said that a good NLP Practitioner works like an architect of mind. They understand the configuration of human mind and structure various things from the materials of the mind. Like, previously where there is a wall, they design a wall over there. They also change the negative aspect of our past experience in order to elucidate new paths to success.

NLP practitioner provides multiple application like business modeling, psychological counseling, education, corporate cultural change, management development, sport performance, personal development and coaching. In short, they help to generate life lasting skills.

Professor Colin MacCabe of the University of Exter School of English says that to truly know a language, you must know something of the literature of a language.

Literature is intellectually stimulating because a book allows a reader to imagine worlds they are not familiar with. This is done through the use of descriptive language. In order to understand, the reader will create their vision of what the writer is saying. In this sense, the reader becomes a performer or an actor in a communicative event as they read.

Using literature versus a communicative textbook (conversational English) changes the learning approach from learning how to say into learning how to mean (grammar vs. creative thinking). Conversation-based English programs tend to provide lessons that focus on ‘formulas’ used in contextual situations so there is little allowance for independent thought and adaptation of language by naturally speaking. On the other hand, literature-based programs focus on personal interpretation of the language so students begin to experiment with the language and incorporate this into their everyday speech and vocabulary. This experimentation can be especially helpful to the students for use in different subjects such as science.

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Neuro linguistic programming, as the name indicates, is a study of the individual responses made to external situations and how they are affected by prior experiences. Normally neurons send signals to and from our brain. These signals are converted into useful information, depending on which way our body reacts.

As we all know, each individual responses differently to the same situation. For example, while seeing a person falling down, one might laugh, some other might run to help him and another might simply feel sympathy. These behaviors are mainly based on previous experiences each individual has already had.

Neuro linguistic programming is actually a study about this relationship between these behaviors and the individual experiences related to them. It is really an approach to psychotherapy. With the help of this study, an individual can gain a higher level of self awareness and thus can try to change their unwanted behaviors.

Neuro linguistic programming, otherwise known as NLP, was developed in early 1970′s. It was found that many psychological problems like distress, habit disorders, learning problems etc can be easily resolved by using neuro linguistic methods. NLP patterns are being used even in interpersonal communications like business communication, management training, public speaking, and team

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and was co created by Dr Richard Bandler. The basis of neuro linguistic programming is that it is possible to recode the brain and the way we, as individuals respond to stimuli, through the use of language and other methods of communication.

From this, the desired result is that neuro linguistic programming can create better and more favourable behaviours within us. Part of the programming used in nlp is achieved through hypnosis and self hypnosis.

The emphasis of NLP is on achieving successful patterns of behaviour and teaching the brain how to enable this when it encounters certain stimuli. In short, through nlp neuro linguistic programming, an individual learns to control their emotional state and use this to focus on what they want to achieve in life.

The benefits of nlp are therefore numerous and different strategies are put in place to achieve different ends. For instance, neuro linguistic programming has been used as an effective method to cure phobias, but that strategies employed for this would be very different from those used to teach individuals about motivation.

Nevertheless, the overall outcome has been hugely successful, borne out of the